If I live and I conform,

Bending and formed,

Under the auspices of religion,

Conspiracies the atheist calls it.

If I live and I exalt,

Knowledge of all,

Which is physical and science,

Enlightenment the learned calls it.

Even as I live and I walk,

As I am told to live as I please,

When Robbing becomes my means,

Breaking the law the enforcers calls it.

If I live and I preach,

Convince with primed speech,

Yet practice not what I speak,

Dare you to call me a name?

The enforcers pass judgment,

Sentences of death they announce,

On ones they find fit,

Don’t they jail them that does same?

Enlightened to both save and destroy,

Is that not how science has empowered us?

So if it is forward we really move,

Isn’t it geared towards our own annihilation?

Conspiracies are they not,

When government tells that which is not,

So advantages they will gain,

Who then really are the conspirators?

If I live and I say,

That or this is hypocrisy,

Then must I know,

That I am an eligible hypocrite.

-Written by Pearl M Lamptey

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