All So Soon

Gone are the days Christians hasten to the gathering of the saints, heeding to the big old church bell, neatly and religiously dressed. This day of designated worship regardless of the day was once upon a time given so much reverence. We arrive early to put the place of the Lord in order before the set time to worship.

Gone are the days we write down each scripture and scriptural lessons as though they were secret passcodes. We have lost the physical and spiritual benefits of meditation and meditating on the word of God. We are even too shy to pray in private let alone hold the Bible in public. The technology making life easy and fun have made us so doom bound, so enticing and makes you feel so left out and even worthless when not followed and acquired.

Lord help us come to the realization of the path we are taking. The insanity of this world and the schemes of the evil one has almost totally blinded us. The spirit of the Lord is now referred to in order to appraise oneself. Men of God or “so-called” men of God tag themselves with so much eminence forgetting who they assume to be sent by; All for selfish gains. Sermons are now preached in a way to suit the audience’s ears. The songs we sing to praise and worship the Lord God has become a swift means to enrich oneself.

I’m a big fan of music. In fact, my life is music but I’m most times drawn so much to “punch -lines”, breathtaking rhymes and rhythms then neglecting the content or words of the song which the actual food to the soul. We got to remember that good lyrics that edify our spirits and praise the name of the Lord definitely does a great service to the soul and our salvation, which brings me to resound the warning on the kind of songs we listen to. Watch it!

One may ask, “ how do I know if a song is spirit-filled?” All I got to say to this is, deep calls onto deep. The spirit knows it’s kind. Having the spirit of God in you will constantly prompt you on what’s right and wrong. We need to buckle up and be on guard. We are too busy on life and almost sliding off the goal and path to eternal life.

Let’s rise up! Go back to our first love with Christ, tell of His wonders to the world and be in constant fellowship with Him.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and ALL these things shall be added unto you.-Matthew 6:33

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