The busy trap-A Reading Response

Author: Tim Kreider

      I did indeed find this article fascinating and mind-boggling; this brought me to the light of self-awareness and a moment of thoughtfulness about just how I’m living. My incessant complaints of not having enough time at my disposal, the use of the “too busy” phrase “to feel important, sought after, and put-upon” as Tim Kreider rightly puts it. The hurdles of being obliged to solve problems, complete tasks, and so on deprive the brain of rest and productivity.

      Reading this essay took me aback on some subconscious believes I carry myself through all along on how things are running my life instead of me running my life. Kreider points out that those who usually complain to be the busiest and have the least time for extracurricular activities like hanging out with friends or even taking the kids to their favorite events usually have all those obligations elf imposed to feel responsible, all from societal pressures.

There have been so many incidences in my life where I have declined offers to join in a group agenda just because I feel its not a priority, and I’m “busy” doing other things. I am not an outgoing kind of person, and I do not derive any jolt of energy from the idea of socializing with others if it not on my priority list. Also, as Tim Kreider puts it, I feel very important always to give the “busy excuse,” which sometimes someway or the other have me miss important opportunities.

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by Yesulagbe Dzidzornu

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