Who Shot Johnny?-A Reading Response

Author: Debra Dickerson

Who Shot Johnny is another interesting article on stereotypes on black lives by Debra Dickerson, which I think regarding the article, it is unfair to tag all young black men like Johnny as “thugs.” Even though the article elaborates on the typical life of a young black American and the struggles they go through to survive in the “hoods,” it also tells of the effort others are making to make the already deteriorating life a bearable one for its victims. It looks to me that she has resentment against those who tag all young black men as threats even though they look harmless, as in the case of Johnny.

Dickerson goes on to elaborate on the painful thoughts Johnny has after the tragic incidence and the pain his family and friends mask under their smiles to make him enlightened and stay positive about life. This essay did not exactly surprise nor intrigue me because of my countless exposure to such stories of unfortunate killings on the news and through word of mouth.

I have not encountered such cruelty but have read it in many articles, which have incited many arguments in the past, such as the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin, which led to a myriad of debates and the consequences, an upsurge for justice and the Black Lives Matter Movement. Even though this is not a case of racism against any race (particularly the black race), it points out the kind of lifestyle that one is prone to if fallen prey to the “black stereotype.”

You should take out some time to read this article for yourself.

by: Yesulagbe Dzidzornu

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