Reading Response To The Lady in Skirt.

by Tilisa Mlondani

The Lady in Skirt is a piece written to appeal to the intellect of the public about women while employing a visual representation of a woman. Largely in some parts of the world, women who wear short skirts are perceived as “easy to get,” called names, and most often than heard are sexually assaulted. It is appalling to know that in some places around the world today, women are not allowed to get any form of formal education, referring to them as the workforce of the society. They are expected to be housewives and treated like slaves. Women are restricted from even showing their faces, and on top called out to be “too aggressive,” when they work and match up talents and skills boot for boot in the work industries, just for working hard, sometimes harder than the average man. Here! To those “men” who call themselves men but mistreat and abuse women, it is a shame. It is a shame to be so ignorant and disrespectful. If you do not value what you came out of, you have no right to disrespect it.



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