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So many rumors going around, please tell me I can trust you.
So many fights and arguments, please promise you’d never lay your hand on me.
So much abuse and misuse, please promise to care.
So many people die every day, please be safe.
Don’t question it. We love different because I worry every day.
I pray for you, for your safety, I pray for us.
My dream is to see you come back to me.
I want that old kind of love, where we get on our knees and pray for us because we know what’s wrong with us.
But sometimes I have doubts.
It is hard to believe what we have.
I fear its too good. Yet even in my gravest doubt, I know I love you.
And even though there is so much hatred going around, please…tell me you love me.

what are your thoughts on this? what does this mean to you?

-by Tilisa Mlondani 

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