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Diamonds are made under pressure.
Hold on; you will shine.
Everything is about to change.
I am not a diamond.
Twist mind and reality.
I am bent on my inequity.
I am bowing to my master.
Lifeless, but I’m breathing.
Maybe your world has a sun.
Maybe everything changed for you.
I’m a captive to her ways.
A follower behind her back.
No don’t get me wrong I love her
So sinful and corrupt.
The dangers she brings awaken the evil in me.
Beautiful yes, but very deadly.
She is not dark. She is fun; she is different.
I can’t afford her, I know, she will be the end of me, I know.
But I am in love with sin, and I don’t want to stop.
Maybe I don’t want to shine.
I don’t want change.
I want what she gives me.
No, I don’t want to do good. I want nothing to do with goodness.
She makes me feel dark inside, and that’s when I know–
I am myself.

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