Maybe it’s a curse

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I stare when mom is not looking
Your innocent smiles and sincere eyes.
Sparks rush through my veins as I brush my fingers on your arm.
At dinner time, your intense looks make me believe in us.
When you argue with mom, I’m always on your side.
I wouldn’t say I like the way she treats you.
I know for sure I could love you better.
I watch you walk out of your bedroom every night.
If only I were the couch you lay on.
When I close my eyes, you are there loving me.
Caring and gentle.
That’s when you show me who you are.
You show me that you are mine.
And I want to tell you; I fear you will think like the rest.
They say it shall never be.
They call my love a curse.
On that day I tell you, I hope you’d let me explain.
The last thing I want to lose is my lover and father.

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