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If he is black, then he is a drug dealer, a burglar, a poor and uneducated man.
And if he is educated, he is a manipulator and a pathological liar, a cheater who could never stay around for his kids.

Maybe these movies do shape us. Yes, you want to show what’s going on in the world. Have you forgotten some people fear you because of what you portray in films?

It’s always the black boy in class, the black man in a hoodie that does something. Stop portraying these images to people. Stop acting in those roles.

Because what you act out becomes a norm and a hype to kids, but a nightmare to those young black men who are innocently accused.
Black men are not the only ones that leave their families.
Black men are not the only men that rob and do “drive-by.”
Black men are not the only ones on crack or smoke weed.
Black men are not the only ones that go to jail.
But the black male is defined by his weakness.
What if young black men stopped acting roles that portray them as the cheater, burglar, and murderer.

Why can’t they portray a strong father to their children and a good husband to their wife?
Why can’t the black man be portrayed as eminent throughout a film?–there is a picture that is being painted in our minds subconsciously about the black man.

Yet when I think of this, I know there is something so strong and powerful about the black man. There is a reason they want him to be uneducated, a cheater, a liar, a manipulator, a cellmate, a murder, and a crackhead.

There is something strong and dominant about the black man. Brothers, fathers, and uncles. There is something about you that dominates the other races. There is something you possess that they wish they owned and because they do not. They bring you down. They accuse you.

They say they fear you. Yes! For only the foolish will not fear a king. They fear you because they know who you are.
You are a father
You are a brother
You are an uncle
You are a mentor
You are a leader
You are a doctor
You are successful
You are determined
You don’t give up
But most importantly, you are a black king.

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