What Is It?

What is it that makes the poor man sell his last jewelry?
Labor from dawn to dusk until he’s covered in his sweat.
Until his body is worn out and his feet die from within.
Until his arms fall on his sides and his eyes blur in hunger.
What is it that makes the poor man sell his last jewelry only to buy one more costly, one he could never wear yet so precious to his heart.

What is it that drives a man to sell his soul?
The early morning meetings, sleepless nights.
The lack of trust for those around, and the hunger for more.
When dignity comes after pride and the love for money before compassion.
Every move he makes, he calculates because charity is nothing but a business.
His name is written, and people praise him and call him good.

What is it
For it was not birth by woman, nor the stars in the sky.
Selfless in all actions, what name could one use to describe the indescribable?
For what is it that can not be comprehended, that can not be manipulated,
the wisest fall on their knees,
the strongest warriors become weak. It makes the blind see and the deaf hear.
It does not knock for it has keys to all.
What is it that makes one look perfect though soaked in flaws.

-by Tilisa Mlondani

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