Teach Me

I want my words to praise you
I want them to speak of the father who never left, a mother who always loved, a brother who always supported but most importantly the God who was it all.
I want to talk about the love that can not be tamed.
Teach me I want to write you.
I want to write about the hands that framed me. From it’s palm to the finger tips. I wonder what it looks like.
Are the nails long? When you make your hands into a fist does it look like mine?
What is the color of your hands?
I want to see your heart. The heart that loves even the worst of me.
I’m constantly telling others to appreciate me while I neglect your heart.
I want to be sincere, but I don’t know how.
Teach me the words that describe your heart.
At least I will be able to write it down even if I can’t comprehend it.
I want to see the beauty that you see in this imperfection.
I want to praise you, teach me because I want to hear it from you.
Tell me what you want me to call you.

by Tilisa Mlondani

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