Why do you want to get lighter?
There is nothing wrong with your skin color.
Why do you want to erase your dark spots?
why does it make you feel better if the dark spots become lighter spots?
Why do you want to erase yourself?
Why do you want to get surgery? your nose is the right size, your mouth is the right size, your jawline is the right size and shapes, your whole face is right for you.
why then do you still want a longer and smaller nose, why do you want to look like an illusion?
Your body has its natural shape why do you want a figure 8?
what will curves give you? what will a big behind give you? is it eternal life? will this body get you to heaven?
Do you not know that if you do not love this you that you have now you will never be satisfied with a surgical you?
Why do you want to erase yourself?
Why is your mind weak to the temptations of the world? Why do you want to change your self to be accepted?
Why are you willing to be controlled by people of this world? A doctor can not seek advise to heal patients from a prostitute, a musician can not go to a scientist to teach them how to sing, but why do you go to celebrities to show you how to live? Why are you taking their advice? They are of this world. They are not going where you’re going. If you follow them you will lose your path.
Why are you running away from your self?


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