We Are Not The Same

Many of us have remained bound under.
They are entitled to numerous companions.
We are doomed for having companions.
They are permitted to obtain knowledge.
We must relinquish to the edicts and ordinances of the estate.
They are disengaged, that license that we crave most they own it.
We are born participants, while they command.
It is forever what we are before who we are.
one that is inefficient without flesh.
the head lacks without its flesh.
Oblivious of its origin this head egotistically yields its flesh, ruined it, and most of all dissent to esteem it.
We are adrift for we crave symmetry.
In mathematics one plus one is two.
when it comes to the head one plus one is one.
Concluded it was time to change the utility.
The just are many, the wicked are more.
We await that day the tale will finally win over the head.

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