The Unseen

We are five children wholly.
They play sports and she sings.
Things I could solely hallucinate.
My parents were unaware of my deafness they tried to make me understand.
Not too long I was enduring on my own.
Felt like I did not belong.
Voiceless. Even my legs could not sustain me.
They are always laughing continuously beaming.
My vacillations get the best of me.
I found myself in the background.
I frequently sulked, then immersed in my saliva, I was bound to my chair.
Sometimes they tried. I won’t lie there were days they tried.
Realized later they lied.
They were never on my side.
They refused Culpability, still, they were immaculate.
I am defective and unhearing.
I couldn’t be like them, I tried.
I was lost in the symbolism.
Taken to events of charity.
No questions, no signs, no clarity.
I became a key.
It was a cycle of the next high except in my situation a check.
I couldn’t do things on my own.
They bathe me, clothe me, even feed me.
It was only normal I became a burden.
After the checks I was a punishment.
Sometimes a mistake but most times an affliction.
But I could not rebuke them.
I hardly love myself, how else can another love me?
I have so much on my mind so much to say.
My lips shiver when I try to articulate.
My words are substituted for Saliva.
My hands are vulnerable, my legs are wasted.
They sit me outside during the day.
I watch people and cars drive away.
I tried holding my breath once but they noticed.
The faces of fear and disappointment stared right into my soul.
I wish I could speak before I end it.
I wanted to say thank you to them because they tried.

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