Something About The Waves

Something about the ocean waves.
When the winds have no control and skies open their flow.
There is something about the ocean waves.
The unsettlement, and violent splashes.
They travel in speed only to hit rocks.
So strong are the waves that break down rocks.
Large is the ocean and to him who it belongs.
How can one truly rule something one does not own.
We are subjects to our desires.
Servants under the waves.
The most delicate shines in the midst of danger.
Flowers grow on rocks and trees in the desert.
The ocean is wide and it’s depth unknown.
Bareness is sold while raiment rejected.
Yet the ocean is fully clothed.
Who can say they have seen the shape of the sea?
Who has set their eyes on the curves of the ocean?
The waves are unmatched, the wind is unknown.
There is something about the ocean waves.

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