A Love Like Never Before

A love like never before
Fell in an ocean of sin.
Chained feet, tied hands, I was drowning in my deeds.
Old man you say, who art thou?
I walked in front of you, dripping in my wrongs.
My soaked feet leaving marks on your perfection.
I tried, I tried, and yet there was no calculation for my worth.
My hands and feet are soaked, my brain and eyes are soaked.
I am a walking imperfection.
I am drunk in my drunkenness.
I am stuck in my brokenness.
Thine eyes of perfection set upon me.
In that moment I felt perfection.
I saw perfection, I could sniff it.
Then I remembered, my soaked body.
My deeds drowned me once again.
What price can one pay?
What price is deemed worthy?
You said to me, “ what price is better than love?”

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