The Mystery In Between— Episode 2


Morning came, the sun came out. Lola woke up and got ready to leave. Mula was in her bed wondering where she slept last night. Her father was not awake yet.

Lola: Mali thank you I will go home now.
Mali: okay, I will wake up later. Let’s go to the lake together.
Lola: alright bye.
Mali: bye.

Lola walks home most people were still inside their houses. Her compound faced Mali’s and this made it easier for them to become friends. Mali has been her only friend. she had no interest in having many friends. All she needed was a friend.

Mula: where were you last night?
Lola: somewhere you could never be.
Mula: are you really giving me an attitude when you were the one who went against our traditions last night?
Lola: I am not a slave to traditions. now if you do not mind I would like to have my room back.
Mula: I’m not leaving I am allowed to be here.
Lola: very well stay here.
Mula: where are you going?
Lola: it does not concern you.

Lola walks out of her room and sits outside. she leans her head against the brick wall. Shortly after her father walks out of the main house.
Lola’s father: Lola! what are you doing just sitting there don’t you know what you out to do?
Lola: Good morning.
Lola’s father: what is good about the morning?
Lola: I will go to the lake to fetch water and come back to cook.
Lola’s father: better.

A tear ran down her cheek. she remembered when her mom was once here. She did not even wash a plate. Her mother encouraged equality. She always taught Lola to find a man who was willing to treat her as equal and nothing less. Yet her father treated her like a slave. For this Lola hated all men, every single one of them including her father.

She finally finishes getting the water and puts her jar on her head. as she was heading back home she bumps into her friend Mali.
Mali: so you could not wait for me?
Lola: it was not by choice. I’m sorry.
Mali: it’s fine.
Lola: I will see you later.
Mali: alright.

Lola walks home but is surprised to see who was in her compound. Linda was at her compound. Her father and his friend were sitting on two benches under the mango tree that was close to the kitchen house.
Lola: Linda what are you doing here.
Linda: I came to greet the guest. How could you not tell me about such important people?
Lola: have you greeted them all?
Linda: not all of them I’m waiting for the most important one.
Lola: and who is that?
Linda: Mr. handsome of course.

Lola rolls her eyes and walks into the kitchen to start making food.
Lola’s father: eh Lola. come here.
Lola: yes
Lola’s father: where is Mula?
Lola: he is sleeping inside.
Mula’s father: the man sleeps like a lion.
Lola’s father: go wake him up. have you cooked yet? we’ve been waiting since morning.

Lola wanted to mumble it was still morning. She controlled herself and went and woke Mula up.

Lola: wake up.
Mula: make me.
Lola: I wouldn’t dare.
Mula: why not? I want you to.
Lola: look Mula I do not like you nor do I like any man. so I would appreciate it if you could just shut up while talking to me.

Lola walks out of her room and back to the kitchen to continue her cooking. Linda bends down next to her in the kitchen.
Linda: is he awake?
Lola: are you going to help me cook?
Linda: why should I?
Lola: because you want him to see you cooking.
Linda: you are right.
Mula walks out of the room and comes to greet the elders. Lola just watches them wishing she could be somewhere else. Linda was cooking next to her. Mula took notice of Linda and his eyes lust for her. Lola saw all these things and this made her even angrier.
Linda: is he looking at me?
Lola: yes, he looks like he could eat you alive.
Linda: stop it.

When the food was finally prepared the three men started eating. Lola’s father called her daughter in front of them.
Lola’s father: Lola, go and pack you are leaving today.
Lola: where am I going?
Mula: to my house.
Lola: No.
Lola’s father: that was not a question. Now go pack quickly.
Lola: No
Lola’s father: How dare you?
Lola: I don’t like Mula.
Lola’s father: all you have to do is respect him.
Lola: I will not go to his house.
Lola’s father: then leave my house.
Lola: very well then.

She walks inside and packs all her three dresses and some underpants. She walks back outside and stops in front of them.

Lola: I am leaving. and Linda, he is all yours now.

Everyone was still shocked. Lola decided to visit her friend first before she started a journey to a place she did not know.
Lola’s father: Lola COME BACK HERE!
Lola looks behind her, her father was coming at full speed she decided to run. Her father was running behind her telling her to stop. She did not stop though. She kept running until her father gave up, she continues running until she was sure the village was miles behind her.

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