The Mystery In Between Episode 3

She has been walking for miles now and her stomach growled. Her tongue is dry and the sun gave her no mercy. She decides to find a tree and sits down under it for some shade.

Solomon starts walking back home from his hunt. He caught two rabbits, he could not wait to get home and celebrate. As he was walking he saw a Lola sitting under a tree. He observes her first then proceeds to ask if she was okay.
Solomon: Young lady.
There was no response yet, Lola was deep in her sleep.
Solomon: Young lady.
This time he gives her a small shake on the shoulder. Still no response. He decides to shake her harder and finally her eyes open.

Her brown eyes are two pools of honey in the sunlight, Solomon was amazed. He continued to look at her face and the second thing he noticed was her nose. Solomon nodded at how big her nose was.
Lola: what do you think you’re doing?
Solomon: you have a big nose for a woman you know.
Lola: you are too ugly for a human.
Solomon: I am far from that and you know it.
Lola rolls her eyes and gets up.
Solomon: did you run away from home?
Lola: yes
Solomon: why?
Lola: mind your business. do you know how far the nearest village is?
Solomon: I do, however, I’m going to respect you and mind my business.
Lola: are you serious?
Solomon: yes.
Lola: fine.
Solomon: I have to leave now have a great day young lady.
Lola: I’m sorry.
Solomon: return home. There is no way where you are going. and the forest is very dangerous, especially for young women.
Lola: what do you mean.
Solomon: evil spirits are looking for wives in there.
Lola hated the thought of being someone’s wife to the point it disgusted her to hear such words.

Solomon: Why did you run away from home if I may ask.
Lola: I don’t want to get married.
She turns towards the forest and was ready to take a step.
Solomon: didn’t you say you weren’t ready to get married? why are you walking towards the forest?
Lola: I would rather be married to a spirit than to a man.
Solomon: Then marry me.
Lola looks behind her Solomon was no longer there it was just a voice. Without a second thought she ran as fast she could back home. The voice followed behind her. She continued to run not looking back. Everything else was a blur as she ran through the small passage.
Lola fell as she could not run anymore.
Lola: please leave me alone.
Solomon: Marry me.
Lola: No, stop chasing me.
Solomon decides to show her his flesh again. Lola moves away from him.
Lola: what are you?
Solomon: your greatest nightmare.
Lola starts crawling away from him.
Lola: please stop, I’ll go back home so please just stop.
Solomon: I will stop on one condition.
Lola: what?
Solomon: I will come to you one day and whatever I ask of you that day you can not say no.
Lola: Okay, yes.
Solomon: are you sure.
Lola: yes, please stop.
Solomon: very well then, see you again.

Solomon leaves her and continues his walk back home. Lola finally noticed her face was wet with tears. She did not bother to wipe them away, instead she picked herself up and continued her journey back home. She felt ashamed of going back to the place she ran away from.

Lola walks into the familiar compound to her surprise Mula and his father was still there. She tried her best to not look at their faces but her father made it hard.
Lola’s father: Why are you back?
Lola: I live here
Lola’s father: You can not stay here unless you marry Mula and leave with him tomorrow.

Lola looks at her father, she could not believe her father’s word. Her mother has always told her that her father loved her but right now she could not believe it.
She felt so worthless in his eyes and could not help the tears running down her cheek.

Lola: Father, why do you treat me like an object? I know I’m not the son you wanted, but I am also your child. Why do I feel like a slave in my father’s house?

Lola’s father: It is our tradition, who are you to go against tradition?
Lola: I am your daughter. I am your seed.
Lola’s Father: No my seed would listen to me.

Lola: is that why mother left? because she could not listen to you? Because you can not live with anyone who does not listen to you?

Lola’s father: A woman who does not listen to her husband is worthless.

Lola: No she is not. My mother is not worthless!

Lola was now in tears as she raised her voice at her father for the first time.

Lola’s father: Who gave you the audacity to raise your worthless voice at me?

Lola: It is a great shame to be your seed.

with that Lola walks into her room. Her father stood there with his friend. Mula was sitting on the bench under the tree. He lost all interest in Lola when she raised her voice at her father.
He was looking for a low self-esteem wife, someone who needs a man to feel valuable.

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