The Mystery In Between-Episode 4

Lola sets her small bag of clothing on the bed before laying on it her self. Her eyes became watery again. Memories of her mother came to mind. Her mother was always against the tradition. Her father however was all for it.
The village has three different tribes, Lola belongs to the Inkala tribe where they believe a man should sleep with the woman to decide if she is worthy enough to be married to him. Then there is the Sekuno tribe that believes in a man sharing his wife with his brothers or even father. The Zalua tribe believes in sacrificing their virgin wives for the success of the family.
The tribe one goes to is determined by the man who wants to marry her, if there are many then the one with the highest bride price always wins.

Mula enters Lola’s room, Lola was lied on the bed her eyes closed while tears run down her cheeks.
Lola: get out.
Mula: Is that how you treat your future husband?

Lola sits up on the bed to get a better look at the source of the voice.

Lola: You will never be my husband.
Mula: hahaha
Lola: Don’t laugh you look stupid.
Mula: You know I can not tolerate your insults any longer. Who do you think you are?
Lola: A woman you could never have.
Mula: You know I can make you my wife right now if I wanted to right?
Lola: By what? rape? please at least act like the cells in your brain work.
Mula: you are provoking me.
Lola: then leave my presence.
Mula: You don’t order me.
Lola: Then order yourself out of here. Your existence bores my senses.
Mula: Why do you hate me so much? From the moment I met you, you have always been rude to me. What did I do to you?
Lola: Well there is one reason.
Mula: what?
Lola: you breathe.
Mula: what is that supposed to mean?
Lola: it means you should stop breathing.
Mula: what?
Lola: It. Means-
Mula: I heard you.
Lola: Good.

Mula: You’re scary.
Lola: And very deadly.
Mula: I will marry you, whether you like it or not.
Lola: I’d marry a spirit a million times before I could marry you.

Solomon appears in Lola’s room. He pauses Mula in time with his powers and stands in front of Lola. Lola screams in terror when she sets eyes on Solomon.
Lola: It’s not time yet why are you here?
Solomon: you called me.
Lola: I did not call you. I don’t even know if I know your name.
Solomon: You said spirit.
Lola: So I can not say the word spirit in peace again?
Solomon: well you can, but not in contents of marriage otherwise you’re calling me.
Lola: well how do I uncall you?
Solomon: a kiss.

Lola rolls her eyes, she looks at Mula who just stared in space.
Lola: what happened to him?
Solomon: He has just frozen in time nothing serious.
Lola: how long will it be?
Solomon: until after I leave.
Lola: can you freeze more than one person at a time?
Solomon yes.
Lola: then if I touch them do they unfreeze?
Solomon: no they can only unfreeze after I leave.
Lola: you sure?
Solomon: yes why so many questions?

Lola gets off the bed, she bends down to grab her slipper and starts hitting Mula with it. Solomon watched while Lola beat Mula with her slipper. She pulled his ear and spat in it before using the slipper to smack his lips.

Lola: you piece of unrecyclable trash. You good for nothing useless brat.

Solomon could not help but laugh at her use of language.

Solomon: are you planning to ever stop?
Lola: I wish I could not stop but I should otherwise I won’t have anything to beat next time.
Solomon: what do you mean next time?
Lola: oh you don’t worry about that.

Lola uses her slipper to slap the back of his head hard one more time before she walks back to the bed and sits back in her position.
Lola: I’m done, come here I will kiss you so you can leave.
Solomon walks towards her.
Lola: where do I do it?
Solomon: anywhere on my face.

Lola nods and kisses his cheek and before she could blink he was gone. Mula regains his consciousness, he quickly groans as the pain hits him all at once.
Lola: what’s wrong?
Mula: Nothing.

Mula walks out of Lola’s room feeling pain all over his body. Lola could not help but laugh out loud.

Mula: what did she do t
o me?
Lola’s father: Mula are you feeling fine?
Mula: Yes, I am fine sir.
Lola’s father: very well.

Olivia’s father walks into the kitchen, he opens puts and pans and after looked very dissatisfied. He then starts his way to Lola’s room.
Lola’s father: LOLA! come out here.

Lola groans before walking out of her room to meet her father.
Lola: Yes father.
Lola’s father: What are you doing in bed at this time? don’t you see we have visitors? What will they eat?

Lola: There is no food in the house father.
Lola’s father: you see, you don’t want to get married now where will we get money for food?
Lola: my bride price would not even be enough to feed us for two months.
Lola’s father: It would feed me for six months.

Lola: I will go to the farm.
Lola’s father: No that will take ages, accept Mula now and he will pay.
Lola: you want me to accept to sleep with a man so he could pay you? Even a prostitute touch her own wages.
Lola’s father: this is tradition and must be followed.
Lola: I will not.
Lola’s father: That was not a suggestion.
Lola: Father I do not want to accept Mula.

Lola holds onto the cheek her father just smacked. She looked down on the ground not daring to look up. She knew she was miles past her limit at this point. He has beaten her before, many times and it usually started with a smack on the face. Mula and his father watched the scene in front of them. They were in hand with Lola’s father women were not allowed to speak back or voice their opinion so openly. To the three men tradition came before everything including their families.

Lola turns around to walk back into her room but her father stops her.
Lola’s father: Go find food, my visitors are hungry.

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