The Ugly Bride

The ugly Bride
Her dress is torn and dipped in mud.
Her feet are bare, her legs are not covered.
The hair on her head falls out.
She drags herself as if crippled.
They run from her.
Even the children criticize her.
Who will accept such bride?
The elders of the town laugh at her.
For they say it is only a fool who could do such thing.
The women of the town call her crazy for she talks with no direction.
The clean bride do not mind her.
They stand in a group shining.
They look pure in the hot sun.
Yet the ugly bride stands on her own.
There is no one by her side, her tears are silent.
Her heart is far from purity.
She does not gave at the sun like the others.
She stares down, for who could accept such bride?

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