The Mystery In Between Episode 5.

Lola groans as she was tired of walking and the farm was still far ahead. She decides to take a break under a tree with some shade.
Later notices Linda walking towards her so she gets up.
Lola: Linda
Linda: You’re going to the farm as well?
Lola: Yes, I must go fetch some food for the visitors.
Linda: The handsome man is still at your compound?

The two start walking towards the farm.
Lola: Yes.
Linda: if only he came to my compound. I would even let him be my tradition.
Lola: How can a man become your tradition?
Linda: I do not know, maybe it’s his handsomeness that stole my senses.
Lola: I can see that.

They both laugh and continue their walk towards the farm. As they keep walking they are approached by three male hunters who are returning from their farms. One of them is Manuel who is madly in love with Mali. Mali is from the Inkala tribe however Manuel is from the Zalua tribe. Mali’s parents do not want their daughter to be sacrificed so they have been rejecting Manuel’s proposal.

Lola: Manuel how are you doing?
Manuel: I am fine, how is Mali doing?
Lola: she is fine.
Manuel: can you tell her I want to see her?
Lola: You know that she is not allowed to see you.
Manuel: I know, Lola I can’t live without her. Please I need to see her, just tell her to pass by our usual place. If I could just see her face I will be satisfied.

Lola: Okay I will see what I can do.
Manuel: Thank you.

The three men continue their walk down the road back home. Lola and Linda continue their journey as well.
After a long walk, they finally reach the farms.
Lola: I will go to my farm now, see you later.
Linda: Yes.
They walk apart and the opposite of each other. Lola’s farm road was on the left while Linda was on the right.
Lola walks on the small road leading right into her farm, they passed many farms on their way yet Lola has never seen a farm as huge as that of Linda’s father. The farm was big enough to feed the whole village.

Linda: LOLA!!!!!
Linda runs away from the huge snake circled around the corn plant. Linda was unaware that her father had set it there to scare people off. This was another reason Linda had the attitude she had, her father was not poor at all.

Linda: LOLA!!!!!!
Lola: I’m over here!
Linda: Help!!!
She runs towards Lola and jumps onto her and holds on tightly. Lola is surprised and checks her surroundings for any danger.
Lola: Linda what is going on?
Linda: There is a snake right in front of my farm it has circled itself around the corn plant.
Lola: a snake Linda?
Lola was not bothered at all, she has killed many snakes on her farm. One time she was digging to sew seed and in the ground, she found a snake, it was going to attack her but she was fast to stab it. Snakes are a norm in farms.
Linda: yes a snake, a big one at that.
Lola: let’s go see.
Lola grabs a sharp tree branch after searching the edges of her farm. The two ladies walk to Linda’s farm and there was the snake circled around a corn plant. Linda stands behind Lola.
Lola took a good long look at the snake.
Lola: it will not bite you.
Linda: It will
Lola: No it will not, it is only there to make you fear.
Linda: how do you know that?
Lola: because my father had one before.
Linda: come with me then.
Lola: No, I can not, only you can.
Linda: but I am scared.
Lola: then don’t go in, come help me fetch food on my farm and I will give you a little to take home.
Linda: very well.

They go back to Lola’s farm. Linda helps Lola with pulling the cassava and yam. Once they had enough out the two stopped. Lola gives Linda some of the yam and cassava, they both put it into their own sack bags and carry them on their backs. The two girls start their journey back home.

Lola decides to pass by Mali’s compound before going to her own.
Mali: Lola is this food for me?
Lola: My father would chew me alive if I were to give this away.
Mali: I can tell.
Lola: Manuel said to meet him in your usual spot this evening.
Mali: you saw him? how is he doing? did he look fine? where did you see him?
Lola: he is fine calm down. We passed by him on our way to the farm.
Mali: We?
Lola: yes Linda and I.
Mali: since when did you two become friends?
Lola: we are not, we just happen to be going to the farm together.
Mali: that’s how we started.
Lola: don’t be jealous you’re my only best friend.
Mali: I know.
Lola: bye, I must go cook now.
Mali: thank you.
Lola: you are most welcome.

While entering her compound Lola noticed Mula eating a mango she guessed it came from the mango tree by the kitchen. She walks with the sack still on her back into the kitchen and finally sets it down. She stretches her back before sitting down on the small wooden chair by the fireplace.

Mula: The farm must be far.
Lola: ….
Mula: You must be tired.
Lola finds a nife and starts pilling some of the yams she brought back with her. She wanted to make sure to peel enough just for today and leave the rest for other days.

Mula: Are you not speaking to me? what kind of wife will you be? How can you not speak to your future husband?

Lola: When are you leaving? have you no work at home? Oh, wait, pardon me men don’t work do they?

Mula: correct men do not work.
Lola: leave my presence.
Mula: I will not.
Lola: then stay next to me like a dog.

Mula had the sudden urge to beat Lola up, he stomped towards her and wrapped his hands around her throat. Lola struggled to breathe but her eyes were brave as she stared deep into his soul.

Lola: Do it. All men do it. Be like them and prove yourself.

Mula: stop provoking me, your father and my father are not home right now. There is no one to hold me back so I suggest you stop provoking me.

Lola: or else what? you are not the first man to lay hands on me.
Mula: Then I shall be the last.

Mula surprises Lola by releasing his hand from her throat and stepping away from her.
Lola: what are you doing?
Mula: forgive me for putting my hands on you. It will never happen again I promise.
Lola: who are you?

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