The Mystery In Between-Episode 6

Mali: Manuel what do you want?
Manuel: Mali, is this how you talk to me now?
Mali: well how else do you expect me to talk to the man who wants to sacrifice me?
Manuel: Mali, I love you I would do no such thing.
Mali: Then are you willing to break your tradition for me?
Manuel: Mali it has not come to this.
Mali: have a great life.
Manuel: Mali don’t go.

Mali walks away from the tree in the moonlight, she came to meet him hoping he had changed his mind but she was disappointed, the man was still willing to sacrifice her.
Manuel runs after her and holds onto her wrist.
Mali: let go
Manuel: Mali, please
Mali: let me go!
he releases her wrist but stays closer to her. Mali turns around to face Manuel.
Mali: why does it have to be me? why can’t you marry someone else and sacrifice them?
Manuel: it has to be someone I love and they love me, only this way will my marriage with the second woman I marry be blessed.

Mali: You are sick if you think I would die for you, so you could marry someone else.

Mali runs away this time, she could not believe the valor he possed. How dare he say that to her? Manuel watched as Mali ran away from him. Now he had to find another woman who would love him enough to die for him.

At Lola’s compound:

Mula: Thank you for the food.
Lola: ok
Mula: have you eaten?
Lola: can you not talk to me?
Mula: what did I do wrong now?
Lola: I don’t like you.
Mula: I know, now tell me did you eat?
Lola: no
Mula: why not? you must be hungry.
Lola: stop trying to care about me. it will never change my opinion of men.
Mula: and what opinion is that?
Lola: men disgust me.
Mula: why is that?

Before Lola could answer Mali enters into her compound and calls her name. Lola quickly gets up from the kitchen bench and goes to her friend.
Mali: Lola you will not believe what Manuel said to me.
Lola: not here, let’s go to your compound.

The two starts walking to Mali’s compound but Mula tries to stop Lola.
Mula: Lola where do you think you’re going?
Lola: get out of our way.
Mula: No.
Lola: Mula get out of my way.
Mula: no
Lola’s father walks out of the main house.
Lola’s father: What is going on here?

No one says a word to Lola’s father.
Lola’s father: Lola go to your room the moon is out already.

Lola: But father.
Lola’s father: Go.
Mali: I will tell you about what happened tomorrow. Bye for now.
Lola: bye.

Lola’s father walks out of the compound and goes out. Lola glares at Mula with such hatred he felt guilty for his actions.

Lola: I hate you, I hate you being here, I hate everything about you. All I wanted was to talk to my friend in peace but no you have to bring your unwelcomed opinion. What makes you think you can make decisions for me?

Mula was drowning in his guilt already but Lola was not ready to stop.

Lola: This is another reason I hate men, you think you’re on top of everything, Leave this house, ever since you came my life has been miserable, go find yourself another wife.

Mula: I’m sorry I did not know it would go this far.
Lola: No, you knew, this is what you wanted anyway.
Mula: Lola I’m sorry.
Lola: If you really mean it then leave this house and never come back.
Mula: You really despise me don’t you?
Lola: more than the word itself.

Lola walks to her room and shuts the door, she takes a short bench and other things and put them on the door in case Mula wants to enter at night.

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