That Time

Your company was once pure
The soul of thy heart truly seeked me.
Under the hot sun barefooted you followed me.
You did not hide from me.
You could not lie to me.
Yet you did.
You received your desire, left me hanging.
I called you mine, I sent thee before me.
You have worked in vain.
Your cries unheard, your hearts seek the world.
I gave myself to you, sacrificed my heart to thee.
I choose you who rejected me.
I loved you who hated me.
What have ye become?
You crawl under your bed in the middle of the night.
You love he that could never love you.
He knows your worth, he knows your identity.
Yet he brings down your value.
Pain is the revelation that you’d choose him again if you had the chance.
When I remember how truly you seeked me.
Barefooted you walked on rocks with me.
There was a time you truly seeked me.

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