Romans 10

Before reading this piece, I will admonish you first to take some time to read Romans, chapter 10, first on your own. So let’s establish some Biblical facts
[Vrs 4]. “For Christ has already accomplished the purpose for which the law was given.[b] As a result, all who believe in him are made right with God[attain salvation]”. It did not say they are blessed, or have their prayers answered, etc. But to be right with God. Vrs 5 and 6b also says, “For Moses writes that the law’s way of making a person right with God requires obedience to all of its commands.[c] 6 But faith’s way of getting right with God says,…” God’s way of making someone right in His sight requires obedience on our part [Vrs 6]. Through faith. The way to salvation is pretty simple, confess with your mouth, and believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead.
Why is it so important to declare and believe in the resurrection, though, not to declare his supremacy, power, or that He is God. The Holy Spirit wants to make us understand that through the death of Jesus and most importantly His resurrection, he displays his supremacy, his power, and sovereignty all in one—so it is important to declare His Lordship in entirety. We get saved through the confession of our mouth that Christ resurrected from the dead, and we are made right with God by believing in our hearts for the same cause. [vrs 13] For “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Again it reiterates the facts in verse 8 that we get saved through the confession of the mouth. Let us get it straight; believing in the heart comes first, then confessing the belief follows.
[vrs 14a] “But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him?…” the second part also then admonishes we Christians and those called according to His purpose to be the reason why people believe and hears the good news about Jesus. [14b] “…And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?” “And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent?…” in other words, how do we know if we are the chosen and sent one or not? It is simple; we are all believers sent and are messengers of the good news about Christ. Since you are made right with God by believing in your heart and saved through your mouth’s confession, God has entreated you then to make disciples of him also. We ought not to keep the good news only to ourselves. God really becomes sad when we reject him, or others reject him through disobedience or rebellion or any other form. [Vrs 21] “All day long, I opened my arms to them, but they were disobedient and rebellious.”
The Lord’s arms are always wide open to anyone who believes in their heart and confesses with their mouth that He was raised from the dead(declaration of His supremacy). He is so near to save and make you right with Him. God loves you, and all day he opens His arms to you to welcome you into His Kingdom and what gives him a greater joy is when we lead others into the discipleship of Christ

The Mystery In Between Episode 5.

Lola groans as she was tired of walking and the farm was still far ahead. She decides to take a break under a tree with some shade.
Later notices Linda walking towards her so she gets up.
Lola: Linda
Linda: You’re going to the farm as well?
Lola: Yes, I must go fetch some food for the visitors.
Linda: The handsome man is still at your compound?

The two start walking towards the farm.
Lola: Yes.
Linda: if only he came to my compound. I would even let him be my tradition.
Lola: How can a man become your tradition?
Linda: I do not know, maybe it’s his handsomeness that stole my senses.
Lola: I can see that.

They both laugh and continue their walk towards the farm. As they keep walking they are approached by three male hunters who are returning from their farms. One of them is Manuel who is madly in love with Mali. Mali is from the Inkala tribe however Manuel is from the Zalua tribe. Mali’s parents do not want their daughter to be sacrificed so they have been rejecting Manuel’s proposal.

Lola: Manuel how are you doing?
Manuel: I am fine, how is Mali doing?
Lola: she is fine.
Manuel: can you tell her I want to see her?
Lola: You know that she is not allowed to see you.
Manuel: I know, Lola I can’t live without her. Please I need to see her, just tell her to pass by our usual place. If I could just see her face I will be satisfied.

Lola: Okay I will see what I can do.
Manuel: Thank you.

The three men continue their walk down the road back home. Lola and Linda continue their journey as well.
After a long walk, they finally reach the farms.
Lola: I will go to my farm now, see you later.
Linda: Yes.
They walk apart and the opposite of each other. Lola’s farm road was on the left while Linda was on the right.
Lola walks on the small road leading right into her farm, they passed many farms on their way yet Lola has never seen a farm as huge as that of Linda’s father. The farm was big enough to feed the whole village.

Linda: LOLA!!!!!
Linda runs away from the huge snake circled around the corn plant. Linda was unaware that her father had set it there to scare people off. This was another reason Linda had the attitude she had, her father was not poor at all.

Linda: LOLA!!!!!!
Lola: I’m over here!
Linda: Help!!!
She runs towards Lola and jumps onto her and holds on tightly. Lola is surprised and checks her surroundings for any danger.
Lola: Linda what is going on?
Linda: There is a snake right in front of my farm it has circled itself around the corn plant.
Lola: a snake Linda?
Lola was not bothered at all, she has killed many snakes on her farm. One time she was digging to sew seed and in the ground, she found a snake, it was going to attack her but she was fast to stab it. Snakes are a norm in farms.
Linda: yes a snake, a big one at that.
Lola: let’s go see.
Lola grabs a sharp tree branch after searching the edges of her farm. The two ladies walk to Linda’s farm and there was the snake circled around a corn plant. Linda stands behind Lola.
Lola took a good long look at the snake.
Lola: it will not bite you.
Linda: It will
Lola: No it will not, it is only there to make you fear.
Linda: how do you know that?
Lola: because my father had one before.
Linda: come with me then.
Lola: No, I can not, only you can.
Linda: but I am scared.
Lola: then don’t go in, come help me fetch food on my farm and I will give you a little to take home.
Linda: very well.

They go back to Lola’s farm. Linda helps Lola with pulling the cassava and yam. Once they had enough out the two stopped. Lola gives Linda some of the yam and cassava, they both put it into their own sack bags and carry them on their backs. The two girls start their journey back home.

Lola decides to pass by Mali’s compound before going to her own.
Mali: Lola is this food for me?
Lola: My father would chew me alive if I were to give this away.
Mali: I can tell.
Lola: Manuel said to meet him in your usual spot this evening.
Mali: you saw him? how is he doing? did he look fine? where did you see him?
Lola: he is fine calm down. We passed by him on our way to the farm.
Mali: We?
Lola: yes Linda and I.
Mali: since when did you two become friends?
Lola: we are not, we just happen to be going to the farm together.
Mali: that’s how we started.
Lola: don’t be jealous you’re my only best friend.
Mali: I know.
Lola: bye, I must go cook now.
Mali: thank you.
Lola: you are most welcome.

While entering her compound Lola noticed Mula eating a mango she guessed it came from the mango tree by the kitchen. She walks with the sack still on her back into the kitchen and finally sets it down. She stretches her back before sitting down on the small wooden chair by the fireplace.

Mula: The farm must be far.
Lola: ….
Mula: You must be tired.
Lola finds a nife and starts pilling some of the yams she brought back with her. She wanted to make sure to peel enough just for today and leave the rest for other days.

Mula: Are you not speaking to me? what kind of wife will you be? How can you not speak to your future husband?

Lola: When are you leaving? have you no work at home? Oh, wait, pardon me men don’t work do they?

Mula: correct men do not work.
Lola: leave my presence.
Mula: I will not.
Lola: then stay next to me like a dog.

Mula had the sudden urge to beat Lola up, he stomped towards her and wrapped his hands around her throat. Lola struggled to breathe but her eyes were brave as she stared deep into his soul.

Lola: Do it. All men do it. Be like them and prove yourself.

Mula: stop provoking me, your father and my father are not home right now. There is no one to hold me back so I suggest you stop provoking me.

Lola: or else what? you are not the first man to lay hands on me.
Mula: Then I shall be the last.

Mula surprises Lola by releasing his hand from her throat and stepping away from her.
Lola: what are you doing?
Mula: forgive me for putting my hands on you. It will never happen again I promise.
Lola: who are you?

The Ugly Bride

The ugly Bride
Her dress is torn and dipped in mud.
Her feet are bare, her legs are not covered.
The hair on her head falls out.
She drags herself as if crippled.
They run from her.
Even the children criticize her.
Who will accept such bride?
The elders of the town laugh at her.
For they say it is only a fool who could do such thing.
The women of the town call her crazy for she talks with no direction.
The clean bride do not mind her.
They stand in a group shining.
They look pure in the hot sun.
Yet the ugly bride stands on her own.
There is no one by her side, her tears are silent.
Her heart is far from purity.
She does not gave at the sun like the others.
She stares down, for who could accept such bride?

The Unknown

I know not who I am.
I am all that you see,
I am nothing you hear.
Thou ears open to silence.
I sob in the wilderness.
My voice cries out to those who hear not.
They are blind and deaf.
My throat cracks, my tongue dries in the Golden sun.
I know not who I am.
For my presence is unknown.
Those around me are filled with apathy.
They see me and believe there is more.
They hear me and believe.
For this reason I cry out in the wilderness.
For their ears are open to silence.

The Bride

She walks on gold,
Pearls are wrapped around her neck and waist.
Her fingers only wear diamonds.
She wears the most expensive silk.
Her perfume is custome made for her.
Her bare clavicle consumes the souls around her.
She walks with the confidence of the world.
The movement of her thighs corrupts the eyes that see it.
Riches are at her disposal.
Her house is in order.
Her husband adores her every move.
He spoils her in jewelry and praise.
He washes her with daily compliments.
He scrubs her with his pure love.
Then he dries her up with complete pride.
The streets praise her, all who see her praise her.
He sees no other woman, her mere presence is his pride.

The Mystery In Between-Episode 4

Lola sets her small bag of clothing on the bed before laying on it her self. Her eyes became watery again. Memories of her mother came to mind. Her mother was always against the tradition. Her father however was all for it.
The village has three different tribes, Lola belongs to the Inkala tribe where they believe a man should sleep with the woman to decide if she is worthy enough to be married to him. Then there is the Sekuno tribe that believes in a man sharing his wife with his brothers or even father. The Zalua tribe believes in sacrificing their virgin wives for the success of the family.
The tribe one goes to is determined by the man who wants to marry her, if there are many then the one with the highest bride price always wins.

Mula enters Lola’s room, Lola was lied on the bed her eyes closed while tears run down her cheeks.
Lola: get out.
Mula: Is that how you treat your future husband?

Lola sits up on the bed to get a better look at the source of the voice.

Lola: You will never be my husband.
Mula: hahaha
Lola: Don’t laugh you look stupid.
Mula: You know I can not tolerate your insults any longer. Who do you think you are?
Lola: A woman you could never have.
Mula: You know I can make you my wife right now if I wanted to right?
Lola: By what? rape? please at least act like the cells in your brain work.
Mula: you are provoking me.
Lola: then leave my presence.
Mula: You don’t order me.
Lola: Then order yourself out of here. Your existence bores my senses.
Mula: Why do you hate me so much? From the moment I met you, you have always been rude to me. What did I do to you?
Lola: Well there is one reason.
Mula: what?
Lola: you breathe.
Mula: what is that supposed to mean?
Lola: it means you should stop breathing.
Mula: what?
Lola: It. Means-
Mula: I heard you.
Lola: Good.

Mula: You’re scary.
Lola: And very deadly.
Mula: I will marry you, whether you like it or not.
Lola: I’d marry a spirit a million times before I could marry you.

Solomon appears in Lola’s room. He pauses Mula in time with his powers and stands in front of Lola. Lola screams in terror when she sets eyes on Solomon.
Lola: It’s not time yet why are you here?
Solomon: you called me.
Lola: I did not call you. I don’t even know if I know your name.
Solomon: You said spirit.
Lola: So I can not say the word spirit in peace again?
Solomon: well you can, but not in contents of marriage otherwise you’re calling me.
Lola: well how do I uncall you?
Solomon: a kiss.

Lola rolls her eyes, she looks at Mula who just stared in space.
Lola: what happened to him?
Solomon: He has just frozen in time nothing serious.
Lola: how long will it be?
Solomon: until after I leave.
Lola: can you freeze more than one person at a time?
Solomon yes.
Lola: then if I touch them do they unfreeze?
Solomon: no they can only unfreeze after I leave.
Lola: you sure?
Solomon: yes why so many questions?

Lola gets off the bed, she bends down to grab her slipper and starts hitting Mula with it. Solomon watched while Lola beat Mula with her slipper. She pulled his ear and spat in it before using the slipper to smack his lips.

Lola: you piece of unrecyclable trash. You good for nothing useless brat.

Solomon could not help but laugh at her use of language.

Solomon: are you planning to ever stop?
Lola: I wish I could not stop but I should otherwise I won’t have anything to beat next time.
Solomon: what do you mean next time?
Lola: oh you don’t worry about that.

Lola uses her slipper to slap the back of his head hard one more time before she walks back to the bed and sits back in her position.
Lola: I’m done, come here I will kiss you so you can leave.
Solomon walks towards her.
Lola: where do I do it?
Solomon: anywhere on my face.

Lola nods and kisses his cheek and before she could blink he was gone. Mula regains his consciousness, he quickly groans as the pain hits him all at once.
Lola: what’s wrong?
Mula: Nothing.

Mula walks out of Lola’s room feeling pain all over his body. Lola could not help but laugh out loud.

Mula: what did she do t
o me?
Lola’s father: Mula are you feeling fine?
Mula: Yes, I am fine sir.
Lola’s father: very well.

Olivia’s father walks into the kitchen, he opens puts and pans and after looked very dissatisfied. He then starts his way to Lola’s room.
Lola’s father: LOLA! come out here.

Lola groans before walking out of her room to meet her father.
Lola: Yes father.
Lola’s father: What are you doing in bed at this time? don’t you see we have visitors? What will they eat?

Lola: There is no food in the house father.
Lola’s father: you see, you don’t want to get married now where will we get money for food?
Lola: my bride price would not even be enough to feed us for two months.
Lola’s father: It would feed me for six months.

Lola: I will go to the farm.
Lola’s father: No that will take ages, accept Mula now and he will pay.
Lola: you want me to accept to sleep with a man so he could pay you? Even a prostitute touch her own wages.
Lola’s father: this is tradition and must be followed.
Lola: I will not.
Lola’s father: That was not a suggestion.
Lola: Father I do not want to accept Mula.

Lola holds onto the cheek her father just smacked. She looked down on the ground not daring to look up. She knew she was miles past her limit at this point. He has beaten her before, many times and it usually started with a smack on the face. Mula and his father watched the scene in front of them. They were in hand with Lola’s father women were not allowed to speak back or voice their opinion so openly. To the three men tradition came before everything including their families.

Lola turns around to walk back into her room but her father stops her.
Lola’s father: Go find food, my visitors are hungry.

The Mystery In Between Episode 3

She has been walking for miles now and her stomach growled. Her tongue is dry and the sun gave her no mercy. She decides to find a tree and sits down under it for some shade.

Solomon starts walking back home from his hunt. He caught two rabbits, he could not wait to get home and celebrate. As he was walking he saw a Lola sitting under a tree. He observes her first then proceeds to ask if she was okay.
Solomon: Young lady.
There was no response yet, Lola was deep in her sleep.
Solomon: Young lady.
This time he gives her a small shake on the shoulder. Still no response. He decides to shake her harder and finally her eyes open.

Her brown eyes are two pools of honey in the sunlight, Solomon was amazed. He continued to look at her face and the second thing he noticed was her nose. Solomon nodded at how big her nose was.
Lola: what do you think you’re doing?
Solomon: you have a big nose for a woman you know.
Lola: you are too ugly for a human.
Solomon: I am far from that and you know it.
Lola rolls her eyes and gets up.
Solomon: did you run away from home?
Lola: yes
Solomon: why?
Lola: mind your business. do you know how far the nearest village is?
Solomon: I do, however, I’m going to respect you and mind my business.
Lola: are you serious?
Solomon: yes.
Lola: fine.
Solomon: I have to leave now have a great day young lady.
Lola: I’m sorry.
Solomon: return home. There is no way where you are going. and the forest is very dangerous, especially for young women.
Lola: what do you mean.
Solomon: evil spirits are looking for wives in there.
Lola hated the thought of being someone’s wife to the point it disgusted her to hear such words.

Solomon: Why did you run away from home if I may ask.
Lola: I don’t want to get married.
She turns towards the forest and was ready to take a step.
Solomon: didn’t you say you weren’t ready to get married? why are you walking towards the forest?
Lola: I would rather be married to a spirit than to a man.
Solomon: Then marry me.
Lola looks behind her Solomon was no longer there it was just a voice. Without a second thought she ran as fast she could back home. The voice followed behind her. She continued to run not looking back. Everything else was a blur as she ran through the small passage.
Lola fell as she could not run anymore.
Lola: please leave me alone.
Solomon: Marry me.
Lola: No, stop chasing me.
Solomon decides to show her his flesh again. Lola moves away from him.
Lola: what are you?
Solomon: your greatest nightmare.
Lola starts crawling away from him.
Lola: please stop, I’ll go back home so please just stop.
Solomon: I will stop on one condition.
Lola: what?
Solomon: I will come to you one day and whatever I ask of you that day you can not say no.
Lola: Okay, yes.
Solomon: are you sure.
Lola: yes, please stop.
Solomon: very well then, see you again.

Solomon leaves her and continues his walk back home. Lola finally noticed her face was wet with tears. She did not bother to wipe them away, instead she picked herself up and continued her journey back home. She felt ashamed of going back to the place she ran away from.

Lola walks into the familiar compound to her surprise Mula and his father was still there. She tried her best to not look at their faces but her father made it hard.
Lola’s father: Why are you back?
Lola: I live here
Lola’s father: You can not stay here unless you marry Mula and leave with him tomorrow.

Lola looks at her father, she could not believe her father’s word. Her mother has always told her that her father loved her but right now she could not believe it.
She felt so worthless in his eyes and could not help the tears running down her cheek.

Lola: Father, why do you treat me like an object? I know I’m not the son you wanted, but I am also your child. Why do I feel like a slave in my father’s house?

Lola’s father: It is our tradition, who are you to go against tradition?
Lola: I am your daughter. I am your seed.
Lola’s Father: No my seed would listen to me.

Lola: is that why mother left? because she could not listen to you? Because you can not live with anyone who does not listen to you?

Lola’s father: A woman who does not listen to her husband is worthless.

Lola: No she is not. My mother is not worthless!

Lola was now in tears as she raised her voice at her father for the first time.

Lola’s father: Who gave you the audacity to raise your worthless voice at me?

Lola: It is a great shame to be your seed.

with that Lola walks into her room. Her father stood there with his friend. Mula was sitting on the bench under the tree. He lost all interest in Lola when she raised her voice at her father.
He was looking for a low self-esteem wife, someone who needs a man to feel valuable.


Many have theories.
Many claim to understand.
The wiser become fools.
The foolish are empty.
They judge before comprehending.
They decide before understanding.
Their words are off this world.
They refuse him who denies the world.
They tremble in praise, they seek approval.
They are the rulers of this world.
They influence the weak, they guide the wicked.
They are under the bed, they dwell in homes.
Alone they are powerless.
With you they have power.
Many have theories.
Many claim to understand.
The wiser become fools.
The foolish are empty.
And many fall by them.

A Broken Love Song

Dear God
I’m ignorant
Very ignorant. I choose not to know a lot of times because I fear the power that comes with knowledge.
In this lifetime I could not be worthy of your love.
Not when all I do is hurt you.
You see sometimes I think maybe it’s because you don’t have feelings. You’re too big so it’s okay for me to get high.
To be honest sometimes… no, a lot of times I do things without considering how it would make you feel.
You see my love is not great like yours, I don’t treat you like the only one.
It’s not because I don’t know how, I know for a fact sometimes I just don’t want to.
This is not love.
that is why I don’t understand your love for me.
Because you don’t love me like I love you. You don’t treat me like a choice. You don’t leave me hanging. You could have just watched me suffer for my decisions but you didn’t. You’re there when I need you, you give when I ask. You protect me in the midst of all.
This is why I can’t understand your love. Because it’s not like mine.
Your love is free, unconditional.
My love comes with a price, I’m always asking, always taking.
I don’t give you even though I should.
Your throne is dusty and plain in my heart I don’t take care of it.
And yet you are here for me.
When I know I don’t deserve it you still love me.
I don’t have the courage to apologize.
I know tomorrow I will sin again.

I don’t know what to do. Should I love you? Because you loved me first?
Why can’t I just love you, not because you love me first but because I just fell in love with who you are?
I… want to love you because you help those in need, because you protect and provide.
I want to fall for you before you do anything for me. But why is it so hard? Why must you do something for me to love you and praise you?
Why can’t I love you because I just want to? Why is it so hard?

When I sit down and think, we are very different.
That’s why I can’t comprehend you, because I don’t love like you love.

Sincerely, Me.

-by Tilisa Mlondani

The Mystery In Between— Episode 2


Morning came, the sun came out. Lola woke up and got ready to leave. Mula was in her bed wondering where she slept last night. Her father was not awake yet.

Lola: Mali thank you I will go home now.
Mali: okay, I will wake up later. Let’s go to the lake together.
Lola: alright bye.
Mali: bye.

Lola walks home most people were still inside their houses. Her compound faced Mali’s and this made it easier for them to become friends. Mali has been her only friend. she had no interest in having many friends. All she needed was a friend.

Mula: where were you last night?
Lola: somewhere you could never be.
Mula: are you really giving me an attitude when you were the one who went against our traditions last night?
Lola: I am not a slave to traditions. now if you do not mind I would like to have my room back.
Mula: I’m not leaving I am allowed to be here.
Lola: very well stay here.
Mula: where are you going?
Lola: it does not concern you.

Lola walks out of her room and sits outside. she leans her head against the brick wall. Shortly after her father walks out of the main house.
Lola’s father: Lola! what are you doing just sitting there don’t you know what you out to do?
Lola: Good morning.
Lola’s father: what is good about the morning?
Lola: I will go to the lake to fetch water and come back to cook.
Lola’s father: better.

A tear ran down her cheek. she remembered when her mom was once here. She did not even wash a plate. Her mother encouraged equality. She always taught Lola to find a man who was willing to treat her as equal and nothing less. Yet her father treated her like a slave. For this Lola hated all men, every single one of them including her father.

She finally finishes getting the water and puts her jar on her head. as she was heading back home she bumps into her friend Mali.
Mali: so you could not wait for me?
Lola: it was not by choice. I’m sorry.
Mali: it’s fine.
Lola: I will see you later.
Mali: alright.

Lola walks home but is surprised to see who was in her compound. Linda was at her compound. Her father and his friend were sitting on two benches under the mango tree that was close to the kitchen house.
Lola: Linda what are you doing here.
Linda: I came to greet the guest. How could you not tell me about such important people?
Lola: have you greeted them all?
Linda: not all of them I’m waiting for the most important one.
Lola: and who is that?
Linda: Mr. handsome of course.

Lola rolls her eyes and walks into the kitchen to start making food.
Lola’s father: eh Lola. come here.
Lola: yes
Lola’s father: where is Mula?
Lola: he is sleeping inside.
Mula’s father: the man sleeps like a lion.
Lola’s father: go wake him up. have you cooked yet? we’ve been waiting since morning.

Lola wanted to mumble it was still morning. She controlled herself and went and woke Mula up.

Lola: wake up.
Mula: make me.
Lola: I wouldn’t dare.
Mula: why not? I want you to.
Lola: look Mula I do not like you nor do I like any man. so I would appreciate it if you could just shut up while talking to me.

Lola walks out of her room and back to the kitchen to continue her cooking. Linda bends down next to her in the kitchen.
Linda: is he awake?
Lola: are you going to help me cook?
Linda: why should I?
Lola: because you want him to see you cooking.
Linda: you are right.
Mula walks out of the room and comes to greet the elders. Lola just watches them wishing she could be somewhere else. Linda was cooking next to her. Mula took notice of Linda and his eyes lust for her. Lola saw all these things and this made her even angrier.
Linda: is he looking at me?
Lola: yes, he looks like he could eat you alive.
Linda: stop it.

When the food was finally prepared the three men started eating. Lola’s father called her daughter in front of them.
Lola’s father: Lola, go and pack you are leaving today.
Lola: where am I going?
Mula: to my house.
Lola: No.
Lola’s father: that was not a question. Now go pack quickly.
Lola: No
Lola’s father: How dare you?
Lola: I don’t like Mula.
Lola’s father: all you have to do is respect him.
Lola: I will not go to his house.
Lola’s father: then leave my house.
Lola: very well then.

She walks inside and packs all her three dresses and some underpants. She walks back outside and stops in front of them.

Lola: I am leaving. and Linda, he is all yours now.

Everyone was still shocked. Lola decided to visit her friend first before she started a journey to a place she did not know.
Lola’s father: Lola COME BACK HERE!
Lola looks behind her, her father was coming at full speed she decided to run. Her father was running behind her telling her to stop. She did not stop though. She kept running until her father gave up, she continues running until she was sure the village was miles behind her.