Many have theories.
Many claim to understand.
The wiser become fools.
The foolish are empty.
They judge before comprehending.
They decide before understanding.
Their words are off this world.
They refuse him who denies the world.
They tremble in praise, they seek approval.
They are the rulers of this world.
They influence the weak, they guide the wicked.
They are under the bed, they dwell in homes.
Alone they are powerless.
With you they have power.
Many have theories.
Many claim to understand.
The wiser become fools.
The foolish are empty.
And many fall by them.

A Broken Love Song

Dear God
I’m ignorant
Very ignorant. I choose not to know a lot of times because I fear the power that comes with knowledge.
In this lifetime I could not be worthy of your love.
Not when all I do is hurt you.
You see sometimes I think maybe it’s because you don’t have feelings. You’re too big so it’s okay for me to get high.
To be honest sometimes… no, a lot of times I do things without considering how it would make you feel.
You see my love is not great like yours, I don’t treat you like the only one.
It’s not because I don’t know how, I know for a fact sometimes I just don’t want to.
This is not love.
that is why I don’t understand your love for me.
Because you don’t love me like I love you. You don’t treat me like a choice. You don’t leave me hanging. You could have just watched me suffer for my decisions but you didn’t. You’re there when I need you, you give when I ask. You protect me in the midst of all.
This is why I can’t understand your love. Because it’s not like mine.
Your love is free, unconditional.
My love comes with a price, I’m always asking, always taking.
I don’t give you even though I should.
Your throne is dusty and plain in my heart I don’t take care of it.
And yet you are here for me.
When I know I don’t deserve it you still love me.
I don’t have the courage to apologize.
I know tomorrow I will sin again.

I don’t know what to do. Should I love you? Because you loved me first?
Why can’t I just love you, not because you love me first but because I just fell in love with who you are?
I… want to love you because you help those in need, because you protect and provide.
I want to fall for you before you do anything for me. But why is it so hard? Why must you do something for me to love you and praise you?
Why can’t I love you because I just want to? Why is it so hard?

When I sit down and think, we are very different.
That’s why I can’t comprehend you, because I don’t love like you love.

Sincerely, Me.

-by Tilisa Mlondani

The Mystery In Between— Episode 2


Morning came, the sun came out. Lola woke up and got ready to leave. Mula was in her bed wondering where she slept last night. Her father was not awake yet.

Lola: Mali thank you I will go home now.
Mali: okay, I will wake up later. Let’s go to the lake together.
Lola: alright bye.
Mali: bye.

Lola walks home most people were still inside their houses. Her compound faced Mali’s and this made it easier for them to become friends. Mali has been her only friend. she had no interest in having many friends. All she needed was a friend.

Mula: where were you last night?
Lola: somewhere you could never be.
Mula: are you really giving me an attitude when you were the one who went against our traditions last night?
Lola: I am not a slave to traditions. now if you do not mind I would like to have my room back.
Mula: I’m not leaving I am allowed to be here.
Lola: very well stay here.
Mula: where are you going?
Lola: it does not concern you.

Lola walks out of her room and sits outside. she leans her head against the brick wall. Shortly after her father walks out of the main house.
Lola’s father: Lola! what are you doing just sitting there don’t you know what you out to do?
Lola: Good morning.
Lola’s father: what is good about the morning?
Lola: I will go to the lake to fetch water and come back to cook.
Lola’s father: better.

A tear ran down her cheek. she remembered when her mom was once here. She did not even wash a plate. Her mother encouraged equality. She always taught Lola to find a man who was willing to treat her as equal and nothing less. Yet her father treated her like a slave. For this Lola hated all men, every single one of them including her father.

She finally finishes getting the water and puts her jar on her head. as she was heading back home she bumps into her friend Mali.
Mali: so you could not wait for me?
Lola: it was not by choice. I’m sorry.
Mali: it’s fine.
Lola: I will see you later.
Mali: alright.

Lola walks home but is surprised to see who was in her compound. Linda was at her compound. Her father and his friend were sitting on two benches under the mango tree that was close to the kitchen house.
Lola: Linda what are you doing here.
Linda: I came to greet the guest. How could you not tell me about such important people?
Lola: have you greeted them all?
Linda: not all of them I’m waiting for the most important one.
Lola: and who is that?
Linda: Mr. handsome of course.

Lola rolls her eyes and walks into the kitchen to start making food.
Lola’s father: eh Lola. come here.
Lola: yes
Lola’s father: where is Mula?
Lola: he is sleeping inside.
Mula’s father: the man sleeps like a lion.
Lola’s father: go wake him up. have you cooked yet? we’ve been waiting since morning.

Lola wanted to mumble it was still morning. She controlled herself and went and woke Mula up.

Lola: wake up.
Mula: make me.
Lola: I wouldn’t dare.
Mula: why not? I want you to.
Lola: look Mula I do not like you nor do I like any man. so I would appreciate it if you could just shut up while talking to me.

Lola walks out of her room and back to the kitchen to continue her cooking. Linda bends down next to her in the kitchen.
Linda: is he awake?
Lola: are you going to help me cook?
Linda: why should I?
Lola: because you want him to see you cooking.
Linda: you are right.
Mula walks out of the room and comes to greet the elders. Lola just watches them wishing she could be somewhere else. Linda was cooking next to her. Mula took notice of Linda and his eyes lust for her. Lola saw all these things and this made her even angrier.
Linda: is he looking at me?
Lola: yes, he looks like he could eat you alive.
Linda: stop it.

When the food was finally prepared the three men started eating. Lola’s father called her daughter in front of them.
Lola’s father: Lola, go and pack you are leaving today.
Lola: where am I going?
Mula: to my house.
Lola: No.
Lola’s father: that was not a question. Now go pack quickly.
Lola: No
Lola’s father: How dare you?
Lola: I don’t like Mula.
Lola’s father: all you have to do is respect him.
Lola: I will not go to his house.
Lola’s father: then leave my house.
Lola: very well then.

She walks inside and packs all her three dresses and some underpants. She walks back outside and stops in front of them.

Lola: I am leaving. and Linda, he is all yours now.

Everyone was still shocked. Lola decided to visit her friend first before she started a journey to a place she did not know.
Lola’s father: Lola COME BACK HERE!
Lola looks behind her, her father was coming at full speed she decided to run. Her father was running behind her telling her to stop. She did not stop though. She kept running until her father gave up, she continues running until she was sure the village was miles behind her.

That Marvelous Sound

The sound of thunder.
The shape of lightning.
It breaks the clouds and lightens the dark.
A sound so powerful.
Mercy is at stake.
The rumbles are threatening.
They shake the ground and the trees tremble.
They rule the mountain tops.
My desire is to submit to that sound.
For when it speaks I tremble.
Not in fear, but in hope, acceptance.
Strong is it’s wind for the direction is unknown.
A sound that can not be questioned.
It goes north and south.
That sound has no limit.
Worthy are those who hear and submit.
The sound of thunder, a powerful sound.

A Love Like Never Before

A love like never before
Fell in an ocean of sin.
Chained feet, tied hands, I was drowning in my deeds.
Old man you say, who art thou?
I walked in front of you, dripping in my wrongs.
My soaked feet leaving marks on your perfection.
I tried, I tried, and yet there was no calculation for my worth.
My hands and feet are soaked, my brain and eyes are soaked.
I am a walking imperfection.
I am drunk in my drunkenness.
I am stuck in my brokenness.
Thine eyes of perfection set upon me.
In that moment I felt perfection.
I saw perfection, I could sniff it.
Then I remembered, my soaked body.
My deeds drowned me once again.
What price can one pay?
What price is deemed worthy?
You said to me, “ what price is better than love?”

Something About The Waves

Something about the ocean waves.
When the winds have no control and skies open their flow.
There is something about the ocean waves.
The unsettlement, and violent splashes.
They travel in speed only to hit rocks.
So strong are the waves that break down rocks.
Large is the ocean and to him who it belongs.
How can one truly rule something one does not own.
We are subjects to our desires.
Servants under the waves.
The most delicate shines in the midst of danger.
Flowers grow on rocks and trees in the desert.
The ocean is wide and it’s depth unknown.
Bareness is sold while raiment rejected.
Yet the ocean is fully clothed.
Who can say they have seen the shape of the sea?
Who has set their eyes on the curves of the ocean?
The waves are unmatched, the wind is unknown.
There is something about the ocean waves.

The Mystery In Between—Episode 1

In a small country village lives a girl named Lola.
She lives with her father, her mother left him when she was only twelve years old.

Lola’s father: Lola have you prepared everything for the visitors?
Lola: yes father.
Lola’s father: very well, thank you.

Lola continues with her sweeping the compound. She wished her mother was here. Girls her age have their mothers to brag about and argue with.

Lola’s father: Welcome brother!
Mula’s father: Thank you brother
Lola’s father: Mula you have grown into a handsome
Mula: thank you, sir.
Mula’s father: it’s because of my farm food.
Lola’s father: hahaha I can tell. please have a seat.

Lola watches as the men continue their conversation with laughter. She was not allowed to join. She cooked the food and prepared everything and yet she could only watch as they laughed and ate. Mula noticed her and walked towards her when he finished eating.
Mula: I’m called Mula
Lola: I heard
Mula: what is your name?
Lola: something you should not be worried about.

Lola walks behind the house to find her secret hiding place. Mula stood there for a minute surprised by her attitude towards him. He has been rejected before however, he did not expect to be rejected by someone who was not even his type.

Lola: what are you doing here?
Mula: I followed you.
Lola: why?
Mula: well Uhm.
Lola: leave.
Mula: why are you so rude? what did I do to you?
Lola: you’re here.
Mula: you don’t want me to be here?
Lola: I do not.
Mula: why? you don’t even know me.
Lola: I do not want to know you.

With that Lola is forced to leave her comfort zone and walk back to where she stood watching the men laugh.
Lola’s father: Lola!
Lola: yes!
Lola’s father: run to the lake we need more water. My friend will spend the night. Bring more water so that they may bathe as well.
Lola: yes
She goes on to take the jar and starts walking to the lake.
Mali: Lola you’re going to the lake as well?
Lola: yes
Mali: who is that handsome guy in your compound?
Lola: the son of my father’s friend.
Mali: is he married?
Lola: I do not know, do you want to be his wife?
Mali: yes
Lola: ahahaha you really have no shame.
Mali: there is no shame in love.
Lola: wait, you love him already?
Mali: I loved him the second I set my eyes on him.
Lola: hahaha
Mali: have you given Daniel a reply yet?
Lola: no
Mali: why not?
Lola: I do not have time for him.
Mali: why the guy loves you.
Lola: I don’t like him.
Mali: you have said that to at least five guys now.
Lola: I hate men.
Mali: oh not this one again. Lola when will you change your mind?
Lola: never.

The two go to the lake and fetch their water.
while they were walking back Linda the gossip of the village approached them.
Linda: eh see who it is.
Mali: and what will you do after you see?
Lola: Mali, leave her alone.
Linda: ehe, Lola is that handsome man in your compound your future husband?
Lola does not say a word and just walks past her. Mali follows after her and they walk back home in silence. Lola had many thought on her mind and yet the dominant one was how she would find her mother who left. She wished her mother had not left but she also understood based on her father’s attitude towards her.
Lola: bye I will see you later.
Mali: bye.
the two part ways and enters the different compounds.
Mula: here let me help you.
Lola: I don’t need your help.
Mula: I’m sincerely trying to help you.
Lola: and I am sincerely rejecting your help.
Mula: why?
Lola: if you were so helpful why wait until I got home? you could have gone to the lake your self and brought the water. after all, you will use it to bathe.
Mule: why do you hate me so much?
Lola: because you’re breathing.
Mula: what. you want me to stop?
Lola: it would be helpful.
Mula: hahahahaha.
Lola: it was not a joke.
Mula: I know. I was laughing at how sad your life must be to have such dry humor.

Lola walks away from him and pours the water she fetched in the big bin they store water in. There is one more round left. she was contemplating whether she could skip bathing tonight so they would use her bathing water instead. The lake was not near the house and the work was tiring.

Mula’s father: Friend my son is of age. what do you say he takes your daughter as his wife?

Lola hears this and shoots up and walks towards the men.
Lola: No!
Lola’s father: Lola what are you doing here it is not your place.
Lola: I will not marry him, father.
Lola’s father: that is not for you to decide. Leave at once.
Mula’s father: oh friend, be gentle she is but a child.

Lola walks away from them. Mula stood where Lola stood before, watching them. Lola walks out of the compound and walks to her friend’s house.

Mali: Why do you look like someone who wishes to commit murder? what did your father say this time?
Lola: he wants me to marry his friend’s son.
Mali: that handsome man I saw today?
Lola: yes
Mali: Why don’t you want to marry him?
Lola: I do not want to marry period.
Mali: then can we just swap our bodies and I can just marry him for you?
Mali’s brother: Mali mom is calling you inside.
Mali: stop lying.
Mali’s brother: I’m going out with friends. I already told you.
Mali: Lola wait for me, I will be back.
Lola: sure.

Lola walks back home in the dark for the moon was out. She walked quietly into her small house which was next to the big main house where her father slept. Both houses were built with bricks. Lola opens the door slowly and closes it behind her, the room is dark but she knew where everything was.
Mula: you’re finally home.
Lola screamed and jumped back. she was not expecting anyone to be in her room.
Lola: what are you doing here?
Mula: Your father said I can sleep in here.
Lola: then where do I sleep?
Mula: here
Lola: Leave.
Mula: what?
Lola: I said LEAVE.
Mula: there is nowhere else for me to sleep.
Lola: I do not care where you go just leave.
Mula: I’m not leaving.
Lola: fine.
Lola opens the door again and walks out. Mula holds onto her wrist but she slaps him, the sound echoes in the dark.
Mula: did you just?
Lola: yes I slapped you.
she continues to walk back towards Mali’s house.
Mula: do you have no respect in you at all?
Lola: no sir I do not.
Mula: come back here.
Lola runs to her friend’s house and knocks on her door. Mali opened the door fast because she was still not asleep yet.
Mali: Lola what’s wrong?
Lola: can I sleep here tonight?
Mali: sure
Lola: thank you.
They both walk inside, it was a bit lighter because Mali had a candle lighted.
Mali: so tell me what happened?
Lola: Mula was in my room. My father told him to sleep in with me.
Mali: but Lola you know that is tradition.
Lola: it will never be my tradition. I am not a product that can be tried out and exposed at any time they wish to.
Mali: well it’s not like that if you think about it.
Lola: then explain to me why a man can sleep with a woman just to see if he likes her enough to marry her? what happens when he doesn’t like her? she waits until another man wants to repeat the same cycle. I can’t do it.
Mali: Lola this is our tradition.
Lola: I’m going to sleep.

The Book Of Romans

A sobbing father and a child.
His strength is revealed in your vice.
Truly it was there before thee.
Yet there was no law.
Chattels are defined by their owners.
Unlike sheep, they follow ignorant of their shepherd.
They are ignorant for they declined to acknowledge.
They do not know love, and yet they love.
Son, if you disobey more, will your father increase his mercy?
Don’t you know if you choose to die with him now he will rise with thee?
Many come to thy father and are set free.
He seeks you. Thy father seeks all of you.
You are captives to him you obey.
What is the benefit of disobedience?
What have you gleaned from it?
For freedom is that of a liberal mind they say.
Yet, one who has no restraint over his mind is a slave.
That which you want to do you do not do.
That which you hate you still do.
For it is not you but that master thou obey.
A temple built of darkness and yet full of light.
Can this temple last?
A sobbing father and a child.
Many have fallen, many have denied.
Yet, thou father awaits thee.

The Battlefield

The battlefield is filled with mistrust and uncertainty.
the sword of disrespect is owned by the one claimed to be so.
They fight here and there bringing each other down.
Their swords are their worst enemy.
No mercy or consideration, satisfaction, and gratitude were never a sword they owned.
The lion is feared by many yet the sword of demand goes unheard.
There is no roar, no rule.
The field is never empty for they are always there.
The branches stick to the tree, yet the leaves fall.
Bottles spilled, pillows thrown and words were spoken.
The sword of them all unmatched.
For they require what they can not give.
The eyes of a lion untamed.
The ears of an elephant spread wide.
Their battle still continues.

The Eye Seeks What It Sees

What will they be granted?
The controlled
The wise
A child is stripped off.
A witness no more.
The light is hidden in the dark.
What will they be granted?
Humans, oh how poor thy mind.
You call yourself free; thou claim thy freedom.
Are ye free indeed?
Surrounded by opinions and morals.
What will they be granted?
The population controllers.
The disease creators.
Them who come from the sea.
The lost ones.
What will they be granted?
The cannibals.
The pedophiles.
Them who go against nature.
Their desire is not their own.
They measure their worth.
What will they be granted?
The rapists.
The abusers.
Their lust is unmatched.
They feel for power.
They are drowned in their needs.

What will you be granted?
You the reader.
Search thy heart for it desires.
Search thy mind and control it.
Learn to control even that which you can’t see.