If I live and I conform,

Bending and formed,

Under the auspices of religion,

Conspiracies the atheist calls it.

If I live and I exalt,

Knowledge of all,

Which is physical and science,

Enlightenment the learned calls it.

Even as I live and I walk,

As I am told to live as I please,

When Robbing becomes my means,

Breaking the law the enforcers calls it.

If I live and I preach,

Convince with primed speech,

Yet practice not what I speak,

Dare you to call me a name?

The enforcers pass judgment,

Sentences of death they announce,

On ones they find fit,

Don’t they jail them that does same?

Enlightened to both save and destroy,

Is that not how science has empowered us?

So if it is forward we really move,

Isn’t it geared towards our own annihilation?

Conspiracies are they not,

When government tells that which is not,

So advantages they will gain,

Who then really are the conspirators?

If I live and I say,

That or this is hypocrisy,

Then must I know,

That I am an eligible hypocrite.

-Written by Pearl M Lamptey



This is an old but a touchy story. Check it out

My mom only had one eye. I hated her! She was such an embarrassment. She cooked for students and teachers to support the family. There was this one day during elementary school where my mom came to say hello to me.

I was so embarrassed and said to myself ‘how could she do this to me?’ so I ignored her, threw her a hateful look and ran out. The next day at school one of my classmates said, ‘EEEE(teasingly), your mom only has one eye!’ I wanted to bury myself and also wanted my mom to just disappear. I confronted her that day and said, “If you’re only gonna make me a laughing stock, why don’t you just die?”

My mom did not respond. Sadly I didn’t even stop to think for a second about what I had said, because I was full of anger. I was oblivious to her feelings. I wanted out of that house, and have nothing to do with her. So I studied real hard, got a chance to go abroad to study. Then, I got married and bought a house of my own. I had kids of my own and I was happy with my life, my kids and the comforts.

Then one day, my Mother came to visit me. She hadn’t seen me in years and she didn’t even meet her grandchildren. When she stood by the door, my children laughed at her, and I yelled at her for coming over uninvited. I screamed at her, “How dare you come to my house and scare my children! GET OUT OF HERE! NOW!!!” And to this, my mother quietly answered, “Oh, I’m so sorry. I may have gotten the wrong address,” and she disappeared out of sight.

One day, a letter regarding a school reunion came to my house and I wanted to attend without the knowledge of my wife so I lied to my wife that I was going on a business trip. After the reunion, I went to the old shack just out of curiosity. My neighbors said that she died. I did not even shed a single tear! They handed me a letter that she had wanted me to have.

My dearest son,

I think of you all the time. I’m sorry that I came to your house and scared your children. I was so glad when I heard you were coming for the reunion. But I may not be able to even get out of bed to see you. I’m sorry that I was a constant embarrassment to you when you were growing up. You see……..when you were very little, you got into an accident, and lost your eye. As a mother, I couldn’t stand watching you having to grow up with one eye. So I gave you mine. I was so proud of my son who was seeing a whole new world for me, in my place, with that eye. With all my love to you,

Your mother.”

I finally burst into tears, but it was too late.


Never neglect your Mum. She is a blessing. Our days are numbered and we can’t reverse the hand of time when it’s too late.

I’ve come to realize personally that mama never says no to anything that makes me a happier person even if it’s to her disadvantage. You know, mama misses me everyday, and she’s not the person to demand love and attention nonetheless she so longs to spend time with me. I strongly believe mothers shouldn’t be only celebrated on the world recognized days for mothers, birthdays, etc. everyday is a day to love your mother, let her know each moment that you care.

Could we just take our mamas as an older version of our wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters, or any kind of female relations thereby integrating an uncommon affinity towards them?

She never seizes to steal glances at me even if she’s determined to look away. She goes out of her own way to make a way for me. I’m not trying to project her as the most perfect being but it is what it is. Your mom is awesome.

I quite remember during one of my naughty childhood days, she spanked me so badly and I was really mad at her! But within few minutes after the dirty spanking, she called out “your food is ready!” That’s the gravity of a mother’s love! That’s how much she cares.

She gets mad at you because she cares and she cares for you not because you are her responsibility, but because you are life unto her so take a moment to say hello to your mother today.

I hope this old piece sparks some love in you. Comment below how your mum sacrificed her happiness for yours.

The Hate We Give

The content of the write-up is not meant to stigmatize any group of persons or race but to bring to light a bit of the shadow we’ve been running from. You have probably read messages and heard talks on this subject matter, but as said locally, so many fish in a bowl of soup doesn’t make it bad. So many things are going on in our lives as blacks which are subconsciously mutating our minds for the worst. We live in a society where we believe in peace and unity but constantly have discriminatory relations with the minority in society, the people of color and less privileged in the society. Well, the word “racist” has become a common word in the land today and is gradually becoming a way of demeaning one’s status(those who racially discriminate).

A basic concept in physics that doubles as an African adage say, “when you throw a ball to the wall, it surely bounces back to you” this tries to make a point that, the hate we give is packaged and retaliated onto us. The minority in the society and the black community show the world how much discord we have amongst ourselves thereby making the outside community capitalize on that to feed us with hate and depravity. You will see blacks mocking blacks on the Internet for no apparent funny reason, depriving our fellow blacks of great opportunities in the corporate world just because we don’t trust the African minds enough, etc. These acts subconsciously feed the mind of our upcoming generations with self-worthlessness, the pursuit to change their nature to fit the apparent standards of society and so on. What we should be doing is to be constantly resounding the achievement of our great black heroes in the ears of the upcoming, at least this will decrease the margin of self-hate and inferiority on our community. Don t get it twisted, there are so many blacks who have broken the barriers we limit ourselves to.

There is another Ghanaian adage that translates as, “if you will be stung by an insect, it is definitely from the clothes you are wearing”. This helps me to make a point that, if we will be static, lagging or marching forward, it’s up to how much we carry on ourselves, is it one that will make us keep looking back, or one which will spring us into altitudes? Learning from others to be like them is one of the best ways to improve on yourself, but don’t get it twisted. I think, trying to be like everyone who has made it will greatly veer us from our destination. What’s the gain when we all yield the same results or bear the same fruits. We should be diverse in thoughts, deed, and processes and even in our achievements in order to be valued for what we have even if the results appear to be the same. Let us stay true to who we are and be proud of who we are becoming.

This is not meant to insight any race negatively. If we(black white, brown and any other racial color) place genuine value on ourselves, that would bring enough respect, reduce over-dependence and enforce communion amongst us

Predicting Oil Production Rate with Artificial Neural Network

Meet Charles Kporxah, a former student of Mawuli School-Ho and a former petroleum engineering student at University of mines and technology-Tarkwa, in his final year project made profound research on ways of predicting oil production rate with an artificial neural network.

In his research, he brought to light the already known means of estimating the rate of oil production which is through the decline curve analysis methods (PDA, which is a graphical procedure used for analyzing declining production rates and forecasting the future performance of oil and gas) and empirical correlations. His finding significantly reaffirms a different approach for predicting oil flow rate using the artificial neural network technique. His developed model predicts oil production rate as functions of gas rate, production time, flowing bottom-hole pressure and tubing head pressure. The accuracy of the developed artificial neural network model was compared with the decline curve analytical methods. Results from the comparison showed that oil production rates predicted by the artificial neural network model had a mean absolute percentage error of 3.18% and a correlation coefficient of 0.9966, which are in perfect agreement with the actual measured data from his experiments compared to the exponential, harmonic and hyperbolic methods.

The oil and gas production industries is a very crucial economic sector in the world’s businesses today and the world needs to discover and give a chance to such individuals with versatile minds like Charles’ to explore and make this aspect of the world a better place to live in.

If you are interested in more of his research work and will like to connect with him, you can via his email

Global Radio

It’s amazing how we keep waking up each day to a new revelation on the rapid advancement in technology! You can now listen to live radio wherever you are and anytime just on one 3-D oriented globe.

This is new to me though, open the link below to see the entire earth on which you will see numerous green spots around the earth. These green dots are local radio stations. Position the spot on any green part of the 3-D globe and listen to live radio anywhere, where ever you are. This is another evolution of technology .

Source: internet

The Person Of The Holy Spirit

There are numerous references made to the individual of God. There are numerous names and credits of God known to people that mean to uncover the idea of God. The Holy Spirit has an assortment of names which causes us to know who He truly is and what He can do in our lives.

The name Holy Spirit alone portrays His unprecedented nature(Holy) and sharing the undetectable nature and quintessence of God. One capacity of the Holy Spirit is to grace natural individuals and spot them with the radiant nearness of Gods blessedness. The Spirit of God is the Spirit of prophecy and He’s the Spirit of guidance and He’s the Spirit of power. The Spirit of God presents on us the title of a child as said in Romans 8:14

” For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.”.

The same spirit that created the universe

abides inside us and in each one of those who submit to the authority of the Holy Spirit and are driven by the Holy Spirit at that point become the children of God (Romans 8:14).

(Genesis 1:2 ” And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved a upon the face of the waters.“)

II Corinthians 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. The spirit of God has the power and ability to relieve us from every opposition. One thing we are to take note of is that the Holy Spirit is more than a representative of God, He’s the exemplification of the Trinity

This is a summary I made on the book; Going Deeper With The Holy Spirit By Pastor Benny Hinn. Please leave comments and thoughts, your encounters and so on on this interesting topic.

Say A Prayer

Martha, a poorly dressed lady with a look of defeat on her face, walked into a grocery store.She approached the owner of the store in a most humble manner and asked if he would give her a few groceries on credit. She softly explained that her husband was very ill and unable to work, they had seven children and they needed food.

 The grocer, scoffed at her and requested that she leave his store at once. In desperation, she pleaded: ‘Please, sir! I will bring you the money just as soon as I can.’ The grocer told her he could not give her credit, since she did not have a charge account at his store.

A well-dressed stranger standing beside the counter, overheard the conversation between the two. He walked forward and told the grocer that he would pay for whatever she needed for her family. The grocer said in a very reluctant voice, ‘Do you have a grocery list?’ Martha replied, ‘Yes sir.’ ‘O.K’ he said, ‘put your grocery list on the scales and whatever your grocery list weighs, I will give you that amount in groceries.’ Martha hesitated a moment with a bowed head, then she reached into her purse and took out a piece of paper and scribbled something on it. She then laid the piece of paper on the scale carefully with her head still bowed. The eyes of the grocer showed amazement when the scales went down and stayed down.

 The grocer, staring at the scales, turned slowly to the stranger and said begrudgingly, ‘I can’t believe it.’ The stranger smiled and the grocer started putting the groceries on the other side of the scales. The scale did not balance so he continued to put more and more groceries on them until the scales would hold no more.

 The grocer stood there in utter frustration. Finally, he grabbed the piece of paper from the scales and looked at it in great amazement. It was not a grocery list, it was a prayer, which said: ‘Dear Lord, you know my needs and I am leaving this in your hands.’ The grocer gave her the groceries that he had gathered and stood in stunned silence.

 Martha thanked him and left the store. The stranger who was Jesus, handed a Gold coin to the grocer and said the Creator knows how much a prayer weighs.’

THE POWER: When you receive this, say a prayer. That’s all you have to do. Just stop right now, and say a prayer of thanks for your own good fortune… I believe if you will send this out with prayer in faith, you will receive what you need God to do in you and your families’ life.. So dear friend, trust God to know your very own needs, heal the sick, provide food for the hungry, clothes and shelter for those that don’t have as we do.

By: unknown

The Old Man’s Tears

It’s a Monday morning. John the old man as they call him is sitting on his balcony outside watching the trees and kids pass by in the small village street. He envied families with kids especially sons. He wanted one of his own. John wiped a silent tear as his new wife called him in for breakfast. He remembered as his late father always used to say to him, “Son whatever you will find out in the future, know that I did it to have you.” and yet to this day John did not understand his late father’s riddle.

“When will you stop looking like this? I also lost a child here!” Lola his fifth wife said. John took a spoonful of his food and stuffed it in his mouth. After four wives he has had this conversation many times, even in his sleep. “Speak to me, John!” Lola was now off her seat standing with her hands on her hips. “Woman sit down,” John says to his wife. She could be very loud at times. He married her in hopes it won’t be too late to have a son. His first wife died after twenty years of marriage. A year before she died she had given birth to a baby girl who died after three hours of being born.

His other wives also died mysteriously after giving birth to baby girls. What scarred John the most was all the girls died at the same time. It was always three hours after being born. “ My husband why are you crying again?” Lola asked. John stared at his fifth wife for a moment before realizing what she said. He raised his hand to his face and wiped the silent tears away. “We can try again, it’s normal for children to die. We can’t give up on hope,” Lola comforted her husband.

“ try again? TRY AGAIN LOLA? HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TRY? HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO LOSE MY CHILDREN? TELL ME,” Lola was shocked, it was the first time John ever rose his voice at her. This is the only man she had known. She knew she did not love him, her parents married her off so that her brothers could get themselves, wives. Her family is poor and John was their only hope. She tries her best to love him because he takes good care of her family. Yet at this particular moment, she knew it was useless. How does one argue with a man she does not love? All she wants now is to go back to her father’s house. This man in front of her sounds more monstrous than human.

“ I will step out for a moment,” Lola says to her husband. She slid on her slippers and empty her plate in the trash can. She walked towards the front door leaving her husband in the dining area. “I know you do not love me. So if you want to leave you can. They all seem to leave me in the end,” John’s words stopped Lola in her steps. Who left? She thought to herself.

Her conscience screamed at her to turn around and speak to her husband. But her feet led her outside. She realized her heart was leading her towards him. She had seen him many times. She could risk it all for this man. She remembered when she first saw him. It was the day she moved into her husband’s house.

John threw the glass plate on the hard floor breaking it to pieces with the crumbled eggs. He has kept it in for so long he felt his rage was getting the best of him. He wanted answers but who could he get the answers from? His father died long ago. His mother abandoned him in his teens. Later he heard the news she was no more. He learned to survive on his own, he worked hard for all he has. But all the riches, the houses, and servants meant nothing if he could not have a son of his own.

There was one man though. His uncle Joel who had offered John a place to stay in his younger age but John had refused. John thought maybe his uncle would know something.

He called one his servant to prepare a horse for him. The journey ahead of him is two days long. The old man wanted to go alone maybe if he could run away from reality everything would be alright he told himself countless times.

“Sir if madam is to ask where should I say you have gone to?” Malia his housemaid asked. “I have gone to visit my Uncle,” John says. He takes his time getting on the horse. “But sir the journey is too long,” Malia tries to reason. John shakes his head violently.

“I must go now, I have water and food(he says pointing to the little bump behind him) you must not let anyone come after me,” Malia worried for him. She has served him for more than thirty years. He was a good man, at times she wished her husband had a heart as her master did. He was an alcoholic. Some days he did not come home, other days he slept outside the door. John rode the horse in the intimidating quiet road. This was his first time traveling alone.

“I must go now,” Lola says to him. “But my love you have only been here for one hour,” he says. “My husband might question me,” Lola said getting off the bed she has been in countless times. She put the dress her husband had bought her back on and walked out the small house. She walked back towards her husband’s house looking behind her every now and then to make sure no one had seen her unfaithful sin.

The old man was exhausted as he arrived at his uncle’s small village house. Joel welcomed him in his home. He remembered the last time he came his Aunty was here as well but now she too was gone. “Welcome home,” Joel said. John slowly got off his horse and into his Uncle’s embrace. He wept in his uncle’s arms.

Joel led his nephew to a bench in front of his door. The two sat down staring into space.

“How are your wife and kids?” Joel asked. “I have no kids, I’m on my fifth wife all the others have died leaving me childless. I came to ask you maybe you could explain to me what happened,” John wept silently. Joel’s heart was filled with sorrow for his nephew.

He could not tell John the reason he could not bear children was because his father placed a curse on him. John was not his father’s son. When Mithilio John’s father found out that John was not his biological son he placed a curse on John. “you shall never bear a child in your lifetime, any woman you marry who bears children must die after their child for the child is not yours.” Joel was filled with tears for he could not tell his nephew the truth.

“You must not give up on hope John you will be blessed one day,” Joel comforted him.

“Madam?” Malia called. It was time for her breakfast she was never late. Malia knocked the wooden door again. When she heard no response she opened the door. There her madam was laying on the floor breathless. Malia panicked as she called for help. She kneeled down screaming as she touched the cold body. Malia’s heart sank as the realization hit her.

John had stayed with his uncle for three days now it was time to return. His heart was not satisfied he could not get the answers he wanted. He got on his horse heading back home. Maybe his fifth wife was right. He should have a little more faith.

What do you think the fate of John would be at the end? Can you predict the end of the story? Tell us below in the comments section.

By Miss Tilisa Mlondani:

The Women We Used To Be

Women’s mentality has revolutionized over the years. In the 1800s women belonged in the kitchen. Women were expected to be submissive and respectful to their husbands. Women were also expected to stay after infidelity. In those days infidelity did not lead to divorce. The 20th-century woman is an independent woman. A woman with dreams and ambitions. Women are now competing with men in the workplace and pushing for equal pay. The 20th-century woman is not a woman who stays at home all day and takes care of the house. She is a working woman with goals and plans for her future.

      Daily lives for women in the 1800s came with very few choices. Women were influenced by men in their lives. First their fathers, their brothers, male relatives and then their husbands. Their purpose in life was to get married, reproduce and serve their husband for the rest of their lives. Women who decided not to get married were pitied by the communities. In some places like Congo, single women were considered weak and therefore not included in important matters. When a woman was married all of her possessions now belonged to her husband including herself. Her husband is given right to do what he pleased with her and she is to obey him under the vow, “ obey her husband”.

      As I recall my younger years in Nyarugusu a small refugee camp where I grew up. Women were treated as nothing more than property. Women were also used and are still used today as a way for the family to have a better life. For example, a father would marry his daughter off to a rich man in town not considering the age difference or religion and certainly not considering his daughter’s feelings towards the man. The reason for this would be the hope that his daughter will always do whatever her husband demands and so in return, her husband will provide for her family here and there. Sometimes women were married for a good reputation. Once married she would take on the responsibility of the entire household. If her husband lived his parents she would take the responsibility of cleaning, washing, cooking and caring for them as well. She is not allowed to complain. Even if her husband committed adultery she is not allowed to leave him because she was taught at a very young age that it was normal for a man to do so.

    In those days I remember unhappy marriages, abused and mistreated women. Who were blind to see the opportunities in front of their eyes. In most homes, women were the sole providers. Women did a lot of farming while men tried to do small business which was not always successful. Today more women are walking out of broken marriages. They are freeing themselves from physical and mental abuse. Today women are happier when alone and more successful. Women are no longer depending on men to do everything for them. Now women chase their dreams and reach for the stars because the sky is not the limit.

Photo credit: Internet.

Miss Tilisa Mlondani:


Sexual dysfunction is a disorder that restrain the individual or couple from undergoing sexual satisfaction during any phase of the sexual response cycle. Excitement, orgasm, plateau and resolution are the cycles of sexual response. Research suggested that sexual dysfunction is common, 43 Percent of women and 31 percent of men reported to have limit in experiencing sexual satisfaction. People are less likely to discuss this topic because they are shy or wants to please their partner or because treatment options are available. Sexual dysfunction can affect any age, but it is more common in adults above 40 due to decline in health related issues normally associated with ageing.

Sexual dysfunction is classified into four categories :

Desire disorder – There is hypoactive sexual desire thus decrease or absence. It could also be a complete aversion to all sexual contact.

Arousal disorder – Arousal consists of a sense of sexual pleasure with accompany physiological change. Persistent failure to achieve this before or during sexual intercourse is known as arousal disorder.

Orgasm disorder – During orgasm sexual tension is released and contraction are produced in various organs, persistent or recurrent inability to achieve an orgasms either through masturbation or sexual intercourse is an orgasm disorder known as female orgasmic. There is also premature orgasmic which is ejaculation before the man wishes to do so, before penetration or just after penetration.

Pain – Subjective sense of pain associated with sexual action are likely to be due to dynamic factors . Dyspareunia is pain associated with sexual intercourse in either male or female which is not due to any underlying disease.

Sexual dysfunction can have causes that are not due to any underlying disease or vice versa.

The psychological cause includes depression, stress and anxiety, feeling of guilt, relationship and marital problems, negative feeling about spouse.

Physical causes or medical conditions related to sexual dysfunction includes diabetes, hormonal imbalance, chronic diseases such as liver failure, alcoholism, abuse of drugs such as antidepressant drugs, neurological disorders, heart and vascular disease, inflammation of the vagina and pelvics, erectile dysfunction, trauma to the sexual organ, vaginismus which is the involuntary constriction of the muscles around the vagina this causes pain in response to penetration, inadequate lubrication.

Sexual dysfunction can be treated by individual psychotherapy to address issues such as feeling of guilt, poor self -esteem, anxiety, fear or consider pharmacotherapy such as antidepressant drugs (SSRIs) .There could be also couple therapy to resolve conflict if sexual dysfunction is due to marital conflict. Medications that cause vagina dryness, such as antihistamines and anticholinergies should be evaluated. Postage stamp or plethysmoorgraphy could be considered.

Photo credit : internet

Miss Calvary Antwi.